Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open an account?
Contact our customer service agents via telephone or email and they will send an account sign up form to your email address

If I open an account, am I subject to a monthly service fee?

After scheduling a pick up how do I know my reservation is confirmed?
For the convenience of our clients, an auto confirmation email will be sent to the email address submitted in the reservations.

If I schedule an airport pick up, how will I know my driver?
All Quality Transport Ltd. drivers responsible for airport pick-ups will hold a Quality Transport Ltd. sign with the passenger’s first and surname (and company name for corporate clientele).

How do I pay for my scheduled pick up?
Quality Transport Ltd. uses a monthly billing system. Payment methods include direct deposit, credit card and company checks. Quality Transport accepts Visa and Mastercard only. Personal checks are not accepted.

If my flight is delayed, am I charged for the time between the original arrival time and the new arrival time?
No, wait time only becomes applicable after the flight has landed.

How can I schedule transport for groups with more than ten passengers?
Contact our customer service agents directly via telephone or email.

For more information call or email us:
(441) 337-2578 or transport@qualitybermuda.com